Mission + Approach


I solve problems through design



As a graphic designer I strive to create strategy-driven design solutions that have a positive impact on clients, communities, and individuals. My goal is to maintain a creative, collaborative, and committed relationship with each and every client. I'm currently available for professional freelance and full-time opportunities as well as creative collaborations.


It all starts with a conversation. Understanding my client’s objective and vision is the first step in creating a successful project. I’ll prepare a detailed proposal that segments your project into clearly defined phases. The proposal will outline schedules and costs. Once approved by you, I’ll work according to our submitted proposal. In order to build a collaborative relationship, I invite my clients into the creative process throughout each phase of their project. Upon completing a project my goal is to have my clients as proud of the finished product as I am.



What my clients have said


"Brenden's positivity, resourcefulness and ability to work within ambiguous and shifting assignments make him a valuable addition to any creative team. At Starbucks he supports the packaging design group on a wide range of products, for a wide range of markets, in a wide range of forms and substrates, and never flinches. He has a strong design eye and is conscientious. Brenden is a pleasure to work with, and is always interested in building relationships and contributing to a strong team dynamic."

Jen Polaski
Design Manager, Starbucks Global Creative

“Brenden has the unique ability to quickly conceptualize what we can only imagine”

Ken Roberts
President, Cooper Roberts Res

"Brenden is unique because he understands the intricacies of fabrication and has a passion for the process it takes to create interior workspaces. We work together to find the best solutions for our clients and he is always open to new ideas. I feel that when I work with Brenden, we are not just providing a product, we are creating a better future for interior workspaces."

Tina Dominguez
Specialist, 3M Commercial Solutions, Graphics, Design and Branding

"Brenden has been an integral part of my business since its inception.  Over the past seven years, his designs, insight, and professionalism have demonstrated the utmost creativeness and attentiveness.  I deeply appreciate his passionate work ethic as well as his commitment to imaginative, yet personal, designs. As a business owner, I could not ask for a better partner in pursuing detailed and innovative concepts."

Shane Finley
Winemaker / Proprietor, Shane Wines